There was a point in cannabis history when High Times was the main source of news for everyone from recreational users to industry insiders. Now, a growing array of business news websites is available for the cannabis industry. Options include both general business news and specific industry niches. Some media operations even include print and digital magazines. Here is an overview of what is available beginning with the granddaddy of cannabis media, High Times.

The trailblazer

High Times has a unique history as the trailblazer of cannabis media. Begun as a print magazine in 1974, High Times included counterculture news and literature in its early coverage of cannabis culture. Business news is just one aspect of its coverage though it filled a huge gap in the early days of the industry. It also launched early events and conferences such as the Cannabis Cup trade show and, more recently, a cannabis-focused Business Summit. Eventually, a website was added to the mix.


This sequence of events is just the opposite of what one sees today from newly launched business media operations. Since High Times started before the invention of the web, a print publication was its first step. Today, most such operations begin with a website and may or may not follow with the launch of a print publication. Though not the only magazine available on newsstands, High Times remains the perennial favorite with brand recognition that goes far beyond the cannabis community.

Mainstream media platform goes niche

Like High Times, Entrepreneur predates the web and began as a print magazine with wide newsstand availability. It now includes the cannabis industry in its coverage and recently launched a website called Green Entrepreneur. This web-only operation features cannabis and hemp industry news with occasional coverage of trends of which business people should be aware of. Though Green Entrepreneur is not available in print and may never lead to a magazine, Entrepreneur’s book publishing operation did release a book called “Start Your Own Cannabis Business.”

Green Entrepreneur also has a feature called the Green 100 list. Cannabis companies can nominate themselves for inclusion and Green Entrepreneur picks out the top 100 to be featured in the annual ranking. The deadline for inclusion in the 2019 edition is April 1st. The 2018 list is available online though it is not hard to imagine a special print edition in the future.

The upstart

PotNetwork News is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN). Its website at features industry news such as coverage of the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas and business finance news. The site also includes a directory of cannabis stocks with a great deal of information on each individual stock. This is a particularly useful feature given the wide range of young cannabis companies going public.

New cannabis business magazines are joining the newsstand array.
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PotNetwork News recently announced the launch of its first print magazine called “PotNetwork.” The publication focuses on cannabis business news and is available at cannabis businesses and general magazine outlets. PotNetwork is also available in a digital edition.


Daily industry news

New Cannabis Ventures is a key source for both original business coverage and industry press releases. The combination makes it a valuable industry resource with little cross-over into topics of interest to consumers. Special features include directory pages of upcoming industry events, earnings calls for public cannabis companies and industry job listings. Founder Alan Brochstein also offers paid analysis of cannabis stocks at 420 Investor.


The business of retail

Champs Dispensary Plus offers daily news covering the business of cannabis retail. News items include interviews and legal updates as well as advice for retailers. CBD is a big topic and special reports are available. The site also provides a regularly updated “Top Ten list for Marijuana Accessories.” Champs Dispensary Plus is part of the Media Division of the renowned Champs Trade Shows.


From the directory

Leafly is one of the leading directories of cannabis strains and dispensaries. But the site now also provides cannabis news with daily coverage of the industry. Coverage is quite broad and includes lifestyle and political news. A unique 5 part series looks at jobs in the cannabis industry including a “Special Report: 2019 Cannabis Jobs Count.” To some degree, Leafly’s news section is the closest to High Times’ range though it definitely has its own approach.


A maturing media landscape

Cannabis-related media may not be growing quite as fast as retail cannabis but it is definitely maturing along with the industry. In addition to business news, one can find sites devoted to lifestyle, social and legal topics. Plus, a wide range of media outlets is covering relevant news for both consumers and business people. With general industry news now readily available, the next step will be even deeper looks at business and lifestyle niches.

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