New to the CBD industry? There are things worth knowing before incorporating the wonders of the miracle compound into your life.

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The cannabis industry is more booming than ever thanks to regions finally legalizing most forms of the products. The shifting trend has caused more branches of the industry to expand, and one of its most successful markets is hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).


CBD is one of the many compounds present in cannabis and its hemp variant. It’s essentially the most vital part of the plant as it is responsible for the health benefits that made the industry popular. Dr. Axe says that some of the benefits include pain and inflammation relief and reduction of anxiety. Recent studies also suggest that CBD could even make chemotherapy easier for cancer patients.

The sudden growth of the industry has caused an influx of companies looking to cash in on consumer demands. While such may mean that CBD products are now more accessible, it also indicates that there could be low-quality products in circulation.

Project CBD shares a few tips that people should take into consideration before purchasing hemp-derived CBD. First and foremost, the publication suggests buying products made with American-grown hemp. Citing Consumer Reports, American hemp in states where cannabis is legal tends to have better quality since these states have implemented stricter standards.

On the topic of CBD quality, people should also choose brands that offer “full spectrum” products. This means that these products contain other cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) small amounts. In relation to this, it’s recommended to seek out products with labels indicating the amount of CBD and THC per serving to help people regulate their intake of the compound.


Consumers should also look at the health claims of the products they are buying. There are companies that might exaggerate on their claims for the sake of profit. The good thing is that there are already numerous studies that scientifically prove the benefits of CBD.

When it comes to the products themselves, people should avoid ones made with extenders or thinning agents. For vape oil products, some of these toxic agents include propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. For edibles, people should avoid those with corn syrup and artificial flavors.


Perhaps the most crucial tip that people should always consider is contacting the company in question. Good companies are always open to discourse about the quality of their products. They should also always be willing to explain their manufacturing process to their audience.

Why high-quality CBD is important

For consumers, using low-quality CBD oil could lead to more harm than good. There are reasons why standards exist in various sectors, and it applies to the young and budding CBD market as well.


Low-quality CBD products could further complicate things for users. (Photo by rexmedlen from Pixabay CC0)

According to Verified CBD, low-quality CBD can cause a few unwanted side effects for the users, such as drowsiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. They even grow more severe with each use of the product.


The quality of CBD products is considered low when the companies haphazardly handle their respective manufacturing processes. Some companies tend to use toxic chemicals to make the hemp plants grow faster, consequently compromising the health of their consumers. Other problems arise during the extraction phase as companies without proper handling on the stage tend to extract more of other cannabinoids instead of CBD.

Relying on trusted brands is the best approach to the CBD market

The best way to buy CBD products is by relying on trusted names. Despite being a young sector of the cannabis industry, a few companies have already propelled themselves as top-tier brands. A company already synonymous with growth and quality is PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN).


POTN focuses heavily on the research and development of the CBD industry. As part of its devotion to creating quality products, the industry leader employs specialists and experts that are involved in the various processes concerning the production of their items which are distributed to Diamond CBD, Inc.

POTN employs the likes of medical experts into its team to ensure quality. (Photo by flexioncool from Pixabay CC0)


The company’s meticulous process begins at the selection of only the best hemp plants. For the extraction of the naturally occurring beneficial compound, it uses supercritical CO2 to guarantee that it acquires all of the CBD in the plant.

POTN then uses the resulting full-spectrum CBD oil in manufacturing an array of products, including vape additives, creams, pet food, edibles, crystal dabs and more. With the items out of the production line, the firm runs it through one last round of manual inspection to ensure quality.


Its devotion to creating high-quality products has helped POTN make quite an outstanding performance at the start of this year. During the first half of 2018, Diamond CBD has made over $12 million in revenues. During each month, the distributor managed to break the revenue records from the previous year.

Then earlier in August, Diamond CBD displayed amazing performance once again when it attended the premier trade show, ASD Market Week, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the end of the show, the company received more than 400 new orders for its products, acquiring a new fan base during the show as a result.


Moving forward, POTN has begun taking the proper steps for its name change. Once everything has been processed, the company will officially be called as BioTech Hemp, Inc. CEO Richard Goulding this would be a more proper name for a company that has positioned itself as an industry leader.

People should indeed consider getting in on the CBD industry because of the various health benefits that the compound offers. Since products are often consumed and processed throughout our bodies, it’s important that we only intake the best CBD-derived items available. That is as easy as relying on trusted brands.

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